The BlackBore Choke was developed back in 2010 for the shotgunner demanding the very best shotgun choke! The BlackBore Choke excells at retarding or "stripping" the shotshell wad. Why is this so important? It is now well known that the wad will strike the rear end of the shot column as the wad/shot leaves the barrel. This results in pellet "fliers" and holes in the patterns. A new approach was needed to devise a shotgun choke that could be relied upon to give top performance for every shot!

This new approach was to machine actual "knife blades" into the ports of the choke at an acute angle to the direction the wad/shot is traveling down the bore. When the gun is fired, powder gases exert tremendous pressure on the wad, expanding the body and shot petals to the sides of the bore. As the wad passes through the BlackBore choke, the knife blades slice and shave off "slivers" of plastic from the petals and sides of the wad. This action produces friction and actually slows down the wad just enough to prevent the wad from "rear ending" the shot column as the pellets leave the barrel.

The proof of this is to examine the recovered wads and note the slivers of plastic on the ground! Wads from ordinary tube and ported chokes look almost good enough to reload and shoot again. Those shot through the BlackBore choke are so chewed up and mangled that it is immediately apparent that the wad was, indeed, retarded in its exit from the choke and the result is a shot pattern that is more dense and consistent! This should translate to more clays "powdered" and more game in your bag!




12 Gauge Shredded Wad
BlackBore Choke
12 Gauge Unfired Wad
12 Gauge Fired Wad
Competitor's Choke


BlackBore Chokes are manufactured with two rows of ports and are rectilinear (in-line) with each other for the maximum amount of blade surface area for the wad/shot combination. The only exception is the Tactical HD Choke that has staggered ports. Each type of choke has a specific sized blade port that is designed to give maximum performance using a specific range of pellet size/wad shotshell load.