BlackBore Shotgun Choke Customer Feedback


From: Ronald L
Sent: Friday, January 24, 2014 9:47 PM
To: info at blackborechokes dot com
Subject: BlackBore Chokes: Your Chokes

Mark I will proudly wear the hat and thanks for that. I also got my chokes today. These chokes are very well made and look good to. They perform exactly as advertised and they have improved my sporting clays scores by at least 2 to 3 birds per hundred. Doesn't sound like a lot but that can be the difference in winning a shoot or not. I won AA class in 2013 North Florida Open at Bradford Sportsman Farm and was runner up in AA class at the NWTF Turkey Shoot last August at The Meadows National Gun Club. These chokes are great and pattern extremely well. Just wanted to say thanks to Mark for making a great choke that does exactly what it is advertised to do along with super great service.

Thanks again
Ronald L

From: Barry P
Sent: Friday, November 08, 2013 12:30 PM
To: Mark at BlackBore Chokes dot com
Subject: Carolina Clays Member Jared Pettet Outstanding Performances ATA & NSCA Wins


This is what my youngest son, Jared, has done since June of this year.  I can’t take anything away from him or his talent, but ever since I ordered the chokes for his gun, his scores have gone up quite a bit.  Nothing else to say except the chokes just work.  They tend to hold a tighter pattern and stop the wad from interfering with the shot pattern.  He has shot other chokes and he, and myself, are convinced that Black Bore Chokes just work.  They do everything that is advertised and more.  As you know, I also ordered some for my gun as well for Sporting Clays.  We are sold on them and continue to tell everyone that asks about the chokes.

I appreciate talking to you and hope that others give your chokes a try.

Best Regards,

Barry P

        Subject: Carolina Clays Member Jared Pettet Outstanding Performances ATA & NSCA Wins

        Team and Parents,

        Please join me in Congratulating  "Jared Pettet" on his recent "WINS".  Jared competes in both Trap and Sporting with a primary focus on ATA Trap.   Jared is well on his way to being an ATA "All American" by late spring/summer 2014.  He plans to attend the 2014 GRAND !!!!

        Just like each of you,  Jared works very hard and is committed to excellence.  We all are very proud of his accomplishments and his dedication to Carolina Clays.

        See Pic attached – Yes a picture is worth a thousand words.


        Jared, Keep up the great work and great attitude!!

        Coach Allen

        TRAP Wins

        2013 NC State ATA Jr Singles Champion
        2013 NC State ATA Jr Doubles Champion
        100th Year NC State High All Around Junior Champion
        Watauga Gun Club ATA Junior Champion
        Buncombe County Gun Club HOA Champion (3X)
        Carolina Clays Benefit Shoot Jr and Class D Champion
        2013 Glen Miller Memorial Ironman Champion
        2013 NC Hall of Fame Shoot Singles Champion
        2013 NC Hall of Fame Shoot Handicap
        2013 NC AIM Youth Handicap Junior Champion
        2013 Southern Zone Dixie Handicap Junior Champion

        SCTP Wins

        2013 SCTP Varsity Team Sporting Clays 1st Place -Rose Hill
        2013 SCTP Varsity Team Trap 1st Place - Durham

        NSCA Carolina Clays Touney Class Champion & Jr High Overall Champion - Primland

        Reagan Wins

        2013 Reagan Shooting Team State Shotgun 980 Team Score