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From: Kevin K
Sent: Sunday, December 08, 2019 6:00 PM
To: Mark at BlackBoreChokes dot com
Subject: Re: Your BlackBore Choke Order Competition IMOD .700"

Hi Mark,

Well, we went to our last shoot of our clubs turkey shoot. Just a little info for you.

We had 15 money shoots today which pays $50. I won 5 of the fifteen. My brother won three. We also have a buddy shoot which my brother and I shoot together. There were nine $100 shoots. Which we won 4 of. My brother shot off for a gun also, and he won that. Over all, I think they wanted us to leave and not come back.. We killed them today.

Thanks to your choke tubes. I hope the competition choke works as well for my 30" barrel.

Thank you for a great choke.