BlackBore HunterPro HV Chokes are specifically designed for Field shotgun shooting for the larger game birds, such as geese and ducks. The chokes work best with heavy game loads from #4 to BB shot. They have the following features:

1. A series of Rectilinear Ports configured in Two Rows.CCF5039-6_target-field_shell
2. Total of Fourteen Knife Blade Ports.
3. Each Port has an Angled Knife Blade.
4. Over 2-3/4 Inches of Blade Surface Area.
5. High Tensile-Strength 17-4 PH Stainless Steel.
6. CNC Profiled and Precision Bored.
7. Black Oxide Finish.
8. Laser Marked and Engraved with Easy to Read Lettering of the Constriction.
9. Available in the following Constrictions: Close Range, Mid-Range, Extended Range and Extra Extended Range.



Note: All BlackBore HunterPro Chokes can be used with Lead, Alloy and Steel shot loads. It is recommended that the shooter come down one constriction when using Steel shot. Also, do NOT shoot steel shot over Full or ER constrictions.




CCF5047_hp_hv_hunting_1 CCF5048_hp_hv_hunting_2