BlackBore Competition Shotgun Chokes are specifically designed for Sport shotgun shooting for Trap, Skeet, Five Stand and Sporting Clays. The chokes work best with Target and Light Field Loads from # 8 to # 6 shot, Lead or Steel. It is recommended that the shooter use the next lower constriction when shooting Steel shot and never tighter than Full.


CCF5018_compSS_BF_mod   CCF5020_comp_BOF_ic
Competition Bright Finish   Competition Black Finish

BlackBore Competition Chokes have the following features:

1. Conical/Parallel Choke Design

2. Two Inch Extended Parallel Section

3. Series of Rectilinear (In-Line) Ports in Two Rows for Fourteen Ports

4. Over Three Inches of Angled Knife Blade Cutting Surface Area

5. High Tensile-Strength 17-4 PH Heat Treated Corrosion-Resistent Stainless Steel

6. CNC Profiled and Precision Bored

7. Available in: Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Light Modified, Modified, Improved Modified and Full Constrictions

CCF5058_bright_finish_in_OU CCF5058_matte_finish_in_OU CCF5040-8_target-field_shell

Competition Choke Patterns
comp-pattern-IMG_0285 comp-pattern-IMG_0281
BlackBore Competition MOD Choke
Keman Extra 28, 1 oz., 3 Dram, #8, 30 yds.
BlackBore Competition IC Choke
Keman Extra 28, 1 oz., 3 Dram, #8, 30 yds.