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BlackBore now has turkey chokes! Or more specifically, those choke constrictions that are typically used by Turkey Hunters, Coyote Hunters and Card Shooters.

These chokes are manufactured of 17-4 PH stainless steel. This stainless is very tough, has the highest tensile strength and is very corrosion resistant. They come with a tough black oxide finish.The ports have the patented "knife-blades" machined into the ports that slice slivers off the wad as the shot/wad column passes through the choke. The ports/blades consistantly slows the wad with every shot and thereby enhances the separation of the wad from the shot colmn as the shot exits the barrel.This eliminates "flyers" caused by the wad hitting the rear of the shot column.

Turkey hunters using the #6 to #4 loads use the .680", .670", .660" and.650" constrictions at 40 yards. The coyote hunters using the larger shot typically use the .660"-.650" constrictions using plated lead pellet loads or the alloy shotshell loads. The card shooters shoot the 7-1/2's-9's in .680, .670, .660, .650 and .640. The .640 is a "special" design with 14 ports (while the others have 10 ports) and deep angled blades for card shooting.

BlackBore has chokes for all your shotgun needs, from Sports Shooting, to Hunting and Tactical.