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Attention Holiday Shooters!

The best ported shotgun choke on the market is now at an even more competitive price then ever! Right now, all BlackBore Chokes, bright finish and black oxide finish, are holiday priced at $40.00 each! That’s right! All BlackBore Chokes are $40.00 each plus shipping via USPS Priority Mail. But, this applies only to chokes in BlackBore’s stock. So, you must call at (864) 612-8347 and check stock before the sale is made. Hurry and get the best selection with quantities last. If you want to check for shotgun compatibility, go to the Compatibility tab and look for your shotgun. You can still just call BlackBore Chokes and check with our staff. Be sure to leave a message if your call is not answered as we are small company and busy at this time of year!

Happy Holidays and Great Shooting!

BlackBore Chokes

Major Announcement!

For all shotgun shooters who demand the best and most consistent performing shotgun choke on the market today! Shotgun shooters have demanded it and now BlackBore Sports LLC is introducing the BlackBore Choke for Beretta shotgun owners whose guns take the Optima HP style shotgun choke. Available in Competition, HunterPro and Tactical HD configurations, these chokes will fit the following Beretta 12 gauge shotguns: A400 Unico, SV10 Perennia, SV10 Prevail, DT 11, 1301 Comp and 1301 Tactical shotguns and any others that take the HP choke. The BlackBore Optima HP style chokes (12 gauge only) will be available for ordering by mid-July, 2015. Send an email for reserving your chokes and BlackBore will set them aside for you and let you know when they are ready to be shipped.

Demand the best and get a set of BlackBore chokes for your shotgun.

Order on-line or email/call BlackBore Chokes today!