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Hello Mark,

It's been over a year since I purchased one of your very first Tactical HD chokes to fit the Benelli Crio product line. You asked for feedback. Unfortunately, a medical condition prevented me from competing in 3-gun combat matches until just this past Sunday. How does the choke work? AWESOME!!! This was my first time out with my iron-sighted Benelli M2 in over a year. There were 32 steel shotgun targets in the 5 stages; many shot while retreating, some as little as 4 x 4. I nailed every one of them with No.8 shot. There was one more target; a hostage simulation using IDPA targets where only about 80% of the 'perp's" 6 x 6 inch head was showing behind the hostage's head and shoulder. This was a 20 yard + shot with a 12 guage slug. I made it too!!! I am so glad I took the chance on your tactical choke design. I did not shoot quite this well even when competing every month. I am convinced your choke does all you said it would.

I may not tell every one of the "boys" I compete with about your products. Sorry, but I need all the advantage I can get when shooting against those "youngsters". Thank you for such a great product, Grandma Julia, Sgt E-5 1963-1967 USMC

Julia D