BlackBore Tactical Shotgun Chokes are designed for the tactical shotguns of today.



BlackBore Tactical HD Chokes have the following features:

1. A Series of Staggered Ports configured in two rows.
2. Each Port has an Angled Knife Blade.
3. Ten Ports per choke and over 3 Inches of Blade Surface Area.
4. The Specialized BlackBore Ports acts as a Muzzle Brake to reduce felt Recoil.
5. Manufactured in High Tensile-Strength 17-4PH Stainless Steel.
6. CNC Profiled and Precision Bored.
7. Black Oxide Finish.
8. Laser Engraved with Easy To Read Lettering of Constriction.
9. Constrictions Available: Close Range, Mid-Range & Extended Range

Note: Lead, Alloy and Steel shot loads can be used in the Tactical Choke. Steel shot should never be used in a BlackBore Choke tighter than Full or ER.


CCF5053_tact_hd_tact_shot-1 CCF5055_tact_hd_tact_shot-2 buck-slug