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BlackBore Tactical HD Choke


BlackBore Tactical HD Choke
Manufacturer Type:



The BlackBore Tactical HD Chokes are specifically designed for home defense, military defense, and law enforcement tactical shotgun shooting.

Check our OEM Shotgun/Choke Interchange List for BlackBore Chokes before ordering to make sure you purchase the proper choke for your gun.


Wednesday, July 06 2011
I recently purchased the mid range model for my new Benelli M4. It shoots very tight patterns with Federal and Remington 00 buckshot and birdshot (size 8). Likewise, I was able to zero my ghost ring sights with Remington rifled lead slugs with relative ease, and I was able to keep them within a 2" area at 25 yards (more a limitation of the shooter, not the gun). I'm looking forward to this coming season of multigun and shotgun matches at my local club using my new M4 and the mid rangle Blackbore Tactical HD choke. I think the ability to fire all three loads with great patterns and accuracy is important for any multigun shooter or anyone interested in a home defense shotgun choke.
Brian Rapp

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