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BlackBore Competition Choke


BlackBore Competition Choke
Manufacturer Type:



The BlackBore Competition Chokes are specifically designed for Sport shotgun shooting for Trap, Skeet, Five Stand and Sporting Clays. The chokes work best with Target and Light Field Loads from # 6 to # 8 shot, lead or steel.

Stainless finish is $60, Black Oxide Finish is $65.

Check our OEM Shotgun/Choke Interchange List for BlackBore Chokes before ordering to make sure you purchase the proper choke for your gun.


Monday, February 25 2013
Wow these chokes are amazing! I bought a pair of light mods for my Beretta and I go from hearing dead loss to dead pair. I highly recommend these chokes. Mark was great to deal with they shipped out Wednesday and came in on Friday. Fast shipping and great customer service. I even had people checking them out at my local gun club. Mark, please make a skeet choke! Thanks!
Patrick Heding
Thursday, August 16 2012
rnOH MY GOD do they mince skeet targets !!!!!! I made the Kent county skeet team with them on their 1st outing and lemmie tell you they are never coming out of the gun !!! i mean a lot of choke company's say their chokes do this their chokes do that but yours actually deliver the kills even on station 4 for doubles are really consistent and some of the closer targets look like they have been hit by a tank.rnrnplus they look really cool in the gun and have had three people already want to look at themrnrnonce again thank you for a great productrnrnregards a very happy skeet shooterrnrntom gridley
tom gridley
Thursday, August 16 2012
I heard about Blackbore Chokes from a friend of mine that liked them and I also thought they looked pretty cool. The first time I shot with my new choke I thought I had gotten a bad batch of shells as every time I shot it looked like it was snowing until I realized that that was plastic shavings that my choke was taking off of the wads. These chokes hit hard, the hardest I've seen, and give you confidence like nobodies business. The customer service at Blackbore Chokes is phenomenal as Mark contacted me within 20 minutes of placing my order to make sure I had the right thread pattern. My scores have also increased greatly because of this new found confidence, and of course my new choke. Don't take my word for it, buy a choke right now and it will speak for itself.
Alan Rush
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