BlackBore Shotgun Choke Articles


BlackBore now has turkey chokes! Or more specifically, those choke constrictions that are typically used by Turkey Hunters, Coyote Hunters and Card Shooters.

These chokes are manufactured of 17-4 PH stainless steel. This stainless is very tough, has the highest tensile strength and is very corrosion resistant. They come with a tough black oxide finish.The ports have the patented "knife-blades" machined into the ports that slice slivers off the wad as the shot/wad column passes through the choke. The ports/blades consistantly slows the wad with every shot and thereby enhances the separation of the wad from the shot colmn as the shot exits the barrel.This eliminates "flyers" caused by the wad hitting the rear of the shot column.

Turkey hunters using the #6 to #4 loads use the .680", .670", .660" and.650" constrictions at 40 yards. The coyote hunters using the larger shot typically use the .660"-.650" constrictions using plated lead pellet loads or the alloy shotshell loads. The card shooters shoot the 7-1/2's-9's in .680, .670, .660, .650 and .640. The .640 is a "special" design with 14 ports (while the others have 10 ports) and deep angled blades for card shooting.

BlackBore has chokes for all your shotgun needs, from Sports Shooting, to Hunting and Tactical.

We see a lot of articles in the firearms press about tactical shotguns, accessories, tactics, LEO / Home Defense, etc. This is all good stuff to know as one needs to decide on what shotgun to buy and/or modify and accessorize for its intended use. Since BlackBore Chokes manufactures "tactical chokes" for shotguns, I want to address the question as to what choke should be purchased for your shotgun.

Let's assume that you have chosen your shotgun for Home Defense(HD). Your shotgun (most likely 12 gauge) may be one of the many auto's or slide action shotguns out there (even your hunting or sporting shotgun could be used). Let's also assume that there is a "sighting" method on the shotgun (beads, rifle sights, ghost ring and optics) because a shotgun for this purpose has to be "aimed", not just pointed to be most effective. This is because of the basic nature of the types of ammo loads normally used for home defense in the home. Common loads are usually 00 Buck and Slugs.

So, to have the best chance of hitting what we are aiming at using this type of ammo in this type of shotgun for home defense requires using sights in conjunction with the correct choke at distance. This means that the shotgun has to be able to keep buckshot or slugs in an area of 18" X 18" or thereabouts.

As we all should know, a shotgun is not a "long distance" firearm and we have to be practical (real world) when we consider distance to target and the right choke. Close Range should be considered as "up close and personal". How close? In my view, 0-7 yards, the commonly held "combat" distance. Another way to look at it is the distance across a large bed room. Mid Range would be the distance across a large living room. Extended Range is the diagonal length of a standard car garage and Extra Extended Range across a large two car garage.

Here, I have to interject that this is my opinion and yours may vary. I also have to say that shooting at an assailant further than Mid Range may put YOU in jail! There is a fine line between self-defense and you being the aggressor!

BlackBore Chokes offers the shooter superb performance when it comes to keeping 00 Buck in a tight pattern within these shooting distances. If any of the pellets become a "flier" because the choke is not up to the task of keeping them all on target, you lose the use of those pellets when you may need them most!

How about slugs? Any slug load with a wad shoots very accurately through the BlackBore Tactical HD choke, best accuracy usually through the CR and MR constrictions. ER can be accurate even with slugs, but you have to try various loads through any of the chokes to find out what works best in your gun!

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