July 23, 2017


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BlackBore Shotgun Chokes


BlackBore Shotgun Chokes are the best shotgun chokes on the market today at retarding the shotgun shell wad!

Retarding the shotgun shell wad at the moment the wad/shot column leaves the barrel will prevent the wad from blowing through the shot column resulting in denser and more consistent patterns.

The ultimate goal when shooting a shotgun is for the shotshell to do its job of hitting the intended target with as many of the pellets as possible and giving a pattern that is dense and consistent!


BlackBore Shotgun Chokes: The Cutting Edge In Choke Design!




09-05-2015: BlackBore Chokes for Beretta Optima HP are available now for order!

11-23-2014: Website maintenance complete. The BlackBore Chokes store is open so shop now!

10-22-2014: BlackBore HunterPro Shotgun Chokes featured in The Outdoor Wire

09-09-2014: BlackBore Shotgun Chokes featured in GunDigest, "BlackBore Shotgun Chokes Shooting for Tighter Patterns"

08-20-2014: BlackBore Competition Chokes featured in The Shooting Wire

11-08-2013: Carolina Clays member Jared Pettet wins ATA & NSCA competitions using BlackBore Chokes!
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Female Coyote

Female coyote, Benelli M4 with BlackBore Tactical HD MR choke at 40 paced yards.
Load: Nobelsport 12 pellet 00 Buck 1290 FPS


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US Patent No. 7,895,787 B1